Confusion between Vegan and Cruelty Free

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I wanted to write something that explains you the difference that separates the terms “vegan” and “cruelty-free”. Many people assume that by being cruelty-free it is automatically vegan and vice versa. NO! Definitely not!

The general definition of vegan is NO animal byproducts are used. In diet, vegans do not eat milk, cheese, eggs, honey and etc because they are from animals. In cosmetics, vegan cosmetics do not use any animal byproducts such as lanolin, carmine, beeswax and so many more.

By being cruelty-free, it means the products are NOT tested on animals to determine if the products are safe for public to use. Some brands and products are cruelty-free but it uses lanolin (wool grease), beeswax, carmine (boiled beetles to produce red pigment) and other different types of byproducts even whale sperm. Vegan cosmetics means it is FREE of any form of animal derivatives.

Cosmetics, skin care and hair care brands will have labels that indicate that their products are BOTH cruelty-free and vegan if it is. If the brand and product does not have “vegan” label which means it is NOT vegan regardless of its cruelty-free status.

Your definition of vegan and 100% cruelty-free is entirely up to you. However, I personally prefer to purchase BOTH cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics. If you are unsure which brand or product is vegan, please feel free to email me a question at

Go Cruelty Free!



Too Faced Acquired By Estee Lauder

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Today, I learned that one of my favorite 100% cruelty free brand was recently acquired by Estee Lauder on November 14, 2016. Too Faced was sold out for 1.4 billion dollars. Which means Too Faced is no longer 100% cruelty free brand to me.

Unfortunately, that is the way beauty and brand industry operates today. Independent brands no longer can compete with larger corporate giants such as L’Oreal, Estee Lauder, Dior, CoverGirl and so on.

This acquirement sends me off on a hunt for new liquid foundation and eyeshadow primer. I was about to try Better Than Sex mascara and it is a good thing that I didn’t.

Too Faced may remain cruelty-free but who knows this might change under the management of Estee Lauder.


**I don’t own the image. Image acquired from Google

Shea Moisture Review

First and foremost, I apologize in lack of posting and publishing articles past few months. It was definitely a crazy year for me! I definitely cannot wait for 2017 to start.

Anyways, I am back! I hope to maintain and expand this blog as much as I can.

I will be documenting my journey finding right skin care regimen for me. I have tried several products over several months. The products are: Proactiv, E.L.F, OSEA, First Aid Beauty and Luminance (my next experiment).

For today, I am going to review on several Shea Moisture products. Shea Moisture is a quite reasonable priced brands that are usually sold in CVS, Walgreens, Ulta, Walmart and Target. Shea Moisture are sold in more licensed retailers across the nation. If you’re curious about the brand, you can go over to their website. They have loads of products for different purposes.

I, however, specifically tried their African Black Soap line because I have ultra sensitive/problem skin. The reviews seems like it really works. I purchased Dandruff Control Shampoo and Conditioner. As well as African Black Soap Problem Skin skincare regimen (face/body bar soap, facial scrub and moisturizer). I also have Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave In Conditioner to review.

I used the products for two weeks. I saw improvement in my face while using the bar soap, scrub (two times per week) and the moisturizer. I thought it was an excellent product regarding acne and blackheads. However, I don’t see it being helpful with my dry patches and pores. I liked some products and did not like some. I am going to separate the reviews individually.

African Black Soap Problem Skin Facial Wash & Scrub: I thought this was amazing because it exfoliates my skin really well! I found my skin feeling smooth and flakeless after using the product. It smells great. But the only downside is that this is not something you can use everyday. It will dry out your skin if you use this everyday. Some exfoliating scrubs are gentle that you are able to use it everyday but this one, you unfortunately cannot.

African Black Soap Problem Skin Moisturizer: I absolutely hated this product. It was said to be lightweight. It left my skin feeling greasy and heavy. The smell was absolutely unbearable for me. It was pungent. I hate the smell when I open the jar and apply it on my face. It goes away after few seconds. But, I like my skin care products to smell great so it gives me false sense of motivation to keep up with it. So, unfortunately, I will be returning this product back to store.

African Black Soap Problem Skin Face/Bar Soap: I absolutely love love the scent from this soap. It is very unique scent. I enjoy using this because it gives me light wash and leaves my skin feeling light after wash. I don’t recommend this for nightly wash because it does not have its cleaning power to remove all dirt and grime from your day. I recommend this for morning wash because I felt that it gave me a good energy to start off my day. I, however, don’t use this everyday because I have really sensitive skin that attracts loads of sebum and get a monstrous pores. I’d use this product occasionally because I love the scent and it does help my face clear up a little. I kind of wished this came in as liquid cleanser because I kind of hate bar soaps (they seem to be unsanitary to me).

Now, moving on to the Shea Moisture Hair Care. Before anything, I suffer from scalp eczema and seborrheic dermatitis. As I mentioned that my skin is ultra sensitive, I can’t have my face wash touching my hairline/scalp or it will flare up with eczema.

African Black Soap Dandruff Control Shampoo & Conditioner: When I first used it, I loved it. My hair/scalp stopped itching. I was like this is definitely my holy grail now. But after few weeks of using it, dandruff started to build up then eventually flake out bad. The only shampoo that I have found to help with both itching and dandruff is Head & Shoulders. Of course, it is not cruelty-free. Proctor and Gamble are worst with animal testing. I definitely do not want to buy from them anymore. So, unfortunately, I returned both products to the store.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner: Oh my goodness! Definitely my holy grail for my frizziness! However, my scalp does not react well with this product. It has my sides itchy very little. Not as bad as it used to be. It definitely helped my hair to be more stronger and moisturized. You can not shampoo for two days and still have your hair calm! Amazing!

Bottom line, Shea Moisture is an amazing, cruelty-free brand but their products are hit and miss. You can never know until you try them. It works for many people but some individuals, like me, they don’t. I was devastated to find them not working on me because they are so much cheaper than Oribe (shampoo & conditioner that I currently use). It smells great, gah. Oh well, onto the next product I try with hopes of finding one that works amazing for me and is CRUELTY-FREE!

Go Cruelty Free!



Sunna Claore Cosmetics Update

Hello all!

I published a review and description on Sunna Claore Cosmetics and their lipsticks. I am here to deliver all  information I can possibly get.

I received a response from Sunna Claore Cosmetics regarding their cruelty free status. They replied back confirming that they are in fact cruelty free. However, they failed to respond my other two questions that inquire if their suppliers are cruelty-free as well as if they test on animals at any stage of product development. I responded with second email requesting if they could answer my other questions. I repeated the questions in the email. They never responded back. Then, that unfortunately changed my perspective and I decided that this brand is not cruelty-free unless otherwise notified.

Sometimes this happen with brands, they become very vague and not responsive if they know they cannot answer and satisfy cruelty-free product seeker.


Sunna Claore Cosmetics

Hello readers,

I saw something “kiss-proof” lipstick on Instagram and I thought I’d try it. I checked the lists from both of my go to cruelty free blogs and Sunna Claore is not listed in any of the lists. It is like they don’t know about the brand just yet. So, I did the research myself. They stated on their website that they are indeed cruelty free. On their website, you can see an image of PETA certification on the bottom. I double checked on PETA website and they were not listed. The list on PETA are updated only twice a year. So, I went on and emailed the brand myself. I have received no response yet. I will update you as soon as I hear from them.

For now, I will take their word that they are 100% cruelty free. Their FAQ mentioned that they ship internationally to only specific countries. Not China.

Second, on their FAQ, they were asked if their products are tested on animals. Their response:

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 7.37.47 PM.png

So far, no red flags.

Now, I will get started on review on this product. I ordered a bundle of Crimson Blood, Ginger Spice and Caramelo. My first impression was that I never actually seen a lipstick that actually stays on your lips no matter what! I tried on Ginger Spice first and I really loved the color and it is very pigmented. Such a beautiful color.

After a day of flaunting my beautiful orange spicy lips, I went to wash my make up and get ready for bed. Before everything, you should know that I always use make up remover wipes to remove my make up then wash my face with a facial cleanser. Back to point, I started to wash my lips and not even a color came off from my lips. It is STUCK! Literally stuck on my lips, it wouldn’t come off with my make up remover wipes. Frantically, I tried to google of how to remove it!!!!!! There’s an eraser sold from the brand to wipe off the lipstick off without any struggle. I was like, seriously? I have to buy that? Until I found a description on their site that you can remove it with few different types of oil (baby oil, coconut oil and etc). So, I got it off with coconut oil, thankfully.

I want to keep those lipsticks because they surely stays on your lips no matter what and that is how I like it! I went out to a drug mart and got an actual liquid make up remover. I wore Caramelo this day and it came off with ease, thank goodness.

If you are looking for a matte liquid lipstick that stays on your lips and does not budge at anything- get some from Sunna Claore Cosmetics! They have lot of beautiful shades! I will be ordering more when they confirm their cruelty free status.





Why Research?

I have made a post few days ago about where should you start as you switch to cruelty free products. I have mentioned that you should research every time you discover a product. Brands face different things everyday and sometimes they have to be acquired by a parent company for their own reasons. By doing that, they may lose their 100% cruelty-free status in my dictionary.

Let’s use IT Cosmetics as an example. As you should know that I am no make up artist nor an aspiring MUA. I am just an ordinary person who loves beauty and looks beauty as an art on myself. I enjoy trying new things now as I could see my skill in cosmetics. So, I discovered that I need a finishing powder to set my foundation and I never knew that! Anyways, back to the point, I found a popular and a “must try” IT Cosmetics Finishing Pressed Powder and I got it from a beauty vlogger on YouTube. I was so excited to see that brand being cruelty-free. I checked and made sure that IT Cosmetics was an independent brand. It is listed in CrueltyFreeKitty’s list. I assumed it was 100% cruelty-free. I felt something was off when I saw that IT Cosmetics was coming to Sephora from Ulta. So, I googled more and discovered that IT Cosmetics is recently acquired by L’Oreal. L’Oreal is notorious for their animal testing.

However, IT Cosmetics remains 100% cruelty-free with their products but you will benefit L’Oreal financially if you purchase IT Cosmetics. The definition of 100% cruelty-free is entirely up to you. Some people prefer to still support brands that remains cruelty free under acquisition of a parent company as their way to let them know that they treasure and value their cruelty-free brands more than their brands that is not cruelty-free. As I have already mentioned, I personally prefer to purchase cosmetics directly from a cruelty-free brand without parent company who still tests on animals.

I am currently in search of some cruelty free dupes! Who doesn’t love dupes!! If you have more post or blogging ideas for me, feel free to send me a message!

Switching to Cruelty-Free: Where Do I Start?

First of all, congratulations on making a decision to switching to cruelty-free! It is one of the best decision I made. By going cruelty-free, I found something I am passionate about. I found something that makes my skin heal, my head non-itchy, my face flake free and so many more. Simply because the products I use contains no parabens, harsh chemicals and even better not tested on animals.

Secondly, don’t think going cruelty-free is going to burn your wallet! I was surprised when I learned that there are some drug store brands that are 100% cruelty-free! No need to shoot down your wallet by going to Sephora for higher end cosmetics. Target sells several cruelty-free cosmetics such as Wet N Wild, e.l.f, Essence, NYX (Note: NYX is cruelty free but its parent company not cruelty-free) and some more. You can also go online and view ColourPop as their cosmetics are cruelty free and affordable. There are more drug store brands that are cruelty-free.

Third, do your research. There are some companies that claim to be cruelty-free but are not. I’d recommend you looking into Leaping Bunny or PETA certifications. Leaping Bunny ensures that every suppliers, ingredients and finished products are not tested on animals at all stages of product development and their commitment renewal is annual. The companies must declare their ingredients and suppliers to get Leaping Bunny certified. While, PETA is a list where companies sign a promise that their products were never tested on animals nor will ever be. If you are in doubt, I’d recommend you to trust Leaping Bunny certified products. There are also blogs online that has huge list of brands that are cruelty-free. Such as CrueltyFreeKitty and LogicalHarmony. Those two blogs are my top favorite cruelty-free blogs. Their information are very transparent and throughout. They are also not afraid to out some companies.

Good luck!

Seborrheic Dermatitis?

Hi readers!

Having seborrheic dermatitis is nothing to be embarrassed about because it is natural at how our skin and scalp react to products. However, they can be really irritating and frustrating to treat. Especially trying to find products that is cruelty free.

The images are not mine. The images are from respective links.

**- Leaping Bunny certified

*- PETA certified



JASON Dandruff Relief Shampoo**

I thought this shampoo was the worth of investment. It is 11 dollar bottle from Fred Meyers. You can order it from a health shop for cheaper. I personally like having it ready near me so that way I can pick it up fast if I run out or something like that. I have seborrheic dermatitis for a while now. I use Heads & Shoulders and it was the best relief I had. But when I switched to cruelty free products, I had to let go this shampoo and set on a journey to find new ones that calms my hair. I would have my hair itchy and flaky all day if I use ordinary shampoo, even organic or herbal ones. I need the specific ingredients that calms the dermatitis. So, I googled the best cruelty-free dandruff shampoo and this came on the list. I thought I’d give it a try because my mother loves JASON products. It has been few days since I used this. My head is finally calm!


Yes To Carrots**

Yes To products can be found in Target and Ulta. You can also go over to their site and find a location/retailer that sells those shampoo and conditioner near you.


Avalon Organics** (the links go to shampoos, there also are conditioners on their site to match)



Nature’s Gate**

I have both shampoo and conditioner from Nature’s Gate. I also use JASON dandruff shampoo once a week. JASON shampoo medicates and calms my scalp. Then Nature’s Gate shampoo and conditioner manages and balances for the week.


e.l.f Cosmetics: Cheap but Quality?

I was looking for cruelty-free drug store brands because not everybody can afford higher end cosmetics or beauty products from Sephora, Ulta and all of the sorts. I came across e.l.f cosmetics, which stands for Eyes, Lips and Face. I was blown away by the prices! It is unbelieving cheap! Some of them are priced at a dollar! Where have I been? I always groan at the prices CoverGirl, Revlon, L’Oreal and so on make on their products.

Anyways, I decided to go on their site to see what kind of products they sell and what the reviews were. The reviews seemed so good to me so I decided to give it a try. I ordered a 25 dollars worth batch of cosmetics from e.l.f. for free shipping.

What did I get?

Mineral Infused Mascara

Intense Ink Eyeliner

Make Up Remover Pen

Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose

Matte Lip Color in Natural

Flawless Concealer Brush

Selfie Ready Foundation Brush

Instant Lift Brow Pencil

So,  there are some things I loved and some things I didn’t. Let’s start with Mineral Infused Mascara. The reviews on the site seemed so good to me and I am glad I got this one because it does not make your lashes clump or sticky. Personally, I prefer dark and complete black lashes, this mascara does not give you that. It does not give you thickness and boldness if you wish your mascara to be that way. However, I use this as a base because it separates my lashes individually and adds some length.

Intense Ink Eyeliner: At first, I thought it was horrible because it smudged within few hours. I was looking for something that lasts all day long as well as all night long. But, after several uses, I started to love it. I use it all the time! I go back and forth between Kat Von D’s Ink Liner and this one. Kat Von D Ink Liner has fine felt tip that gives me ability to draw smaller wings. With this, I sometimes like jumbo eyeliner and wings, this is actually perfect pen. It glides across your eye easily. I will be definitely be buying more of this!

Make Up Remover Pen: When I first saw this on the site, I was like this is like the best invention ever because I always have winged eye and that is not easy to make sometimes. I always use maybe 10 q-tips to correct my eyeliner wings. With this, things are more convenient. However, you can’t really reset the make-up remover tip. Once it goes black, you will get it all over on your face.

Matte Lip Color: I got one in Tea Rose and one in Natural because I have way too many dark lipsticks. I love lipsticks, especially matte. Those two was not the best I purchased. I absolutely loved Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick as well few other matte lipsticks. These lipsticks leaves a nice pigment on your lips but they get on everywhere: your hands, your food, your face and etc. But, it is a nice and cheaper option than the ones sold in Sephora. Think if it is worth of investment. For me, lipsticks from Sephora are worth of investment because I wear them all of the time.

Flawless Concealer Brush: I have not owned any other concealer brushes except this one. I cannot compare it to other concealer brushes for now. I thought this brush was really nice and it blends my concealer pretty well. It doesn’t leave streaks or strands of the brushes off on my face.

Selfie Ready Foundation Brush: I thought this brush was wonderful but not as best as my favorite: Kat Von D ones. My Kat Von D foundation brush is more angled and it works wonderful for me. However, this brush spreads foundation over my face really smooth. I use this brush for my BB cream if my face decided to not be happy and starts flaring up eczema. If you are aiming for a reasonable priced brush, go for this one.

Instant Lift Brow Pencil: I only got it because I ought to try glam up my eyebrows. I would much prefer my eyebrows natural. I use the brush end of this pen a lot to trim up my brows. It is a nice pen combination.

Overall, I thought e.l.f. cosmetics is actually pretty good for a drugstore brand with probably the most cheapest prices. There are some things I want to try more with the brand.

Cruelty-Free Voluminous Butterfly Dupe!

If you ask me pre-cruelty free, what was my favorite mascara? I’d undoubtedly answer with L’Oreal’s Voluminous Butterfly mascara. It has unique wing tip brush. I use three different mascara with three different brush type. I use the winged tip as the final application to make my lashes look dark and majestic! I thought it would be so hard to find similar mascara that is cruelty-free. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG when I went up to a beauty aisle in Target and came across Wet n’ Wild’s Max Fanatic Cat Eye Mascara. The winged tip brush is so identical!


I found it a bit odd that the packaging is almost identical! For me, the Voluminous Butterfly clumps up a little, not too much but the Max Fanatic Cat Eye seriously gave me a boost in volume and length! I found a mascara that is better than Voluminous Butterfly an even better, it is a cruelty-free brand! L’Oreal, unfortunately, notorious for animal testing. Wet N Wild is listed in one of my favorite cruelty-free blogger: Cruelty Free Kitty’s brands that do not test on animals. It is also PETA certified cruelty-free brand. You can find more information from PETA on their website here