Sunna Claore Cosmetics

Hello readers,

I saw something “kiss-proof” lipstick on Instagram and I thought I’d try it. I checked the lists from both of my go to cruelty free blogs and Sunna Claore is not listed in any of the lists. It is like they don’t know about the brand just yet. So, I did the research myself. They stated on their website that they are indeed cruelty free. On their website, you can see an image of PETA certification on the bottom. I double checked on PETA website and they were not listed. The list on PETA are updated only twice a year. So, I went on and emailed the brand myself. I have received no response yet. I will update you as soon as I hear from them.

For now, I will take their word that they are 100% cruelty free. Their FAQ mentioned that they ship internationally to only specific countries. Not China.

Second, on their FAQ, they were asked if their products are tested on animals. Their response:

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 7.37.47 PM.png

So far, no red flags.

Now, I will get started on review on this product. I ordered a bundle of Crimson Blood, Ginger Spice and Caramelo. My first impression was that I never actually seen a lipstick that actually stays on your lips no matter what! I tried on Ginger Spice first and I really loved the color and it is very pigmented. Such a beautiful color.

After a day of flaunting my beautiful orange spicy lips, I went to wash my make up and get ready for bed. Before everything, you should know that I always use make up remover wipes to remove my make up then wash my face with a facial cleanser. Back to point, I started to wash my lips and not even a color came off from my lips. It is STUCK! Literally stuck on my lips, it wouldn’t come off with my make up remover wipes. Frantically, I tried to google of how to remove it!!!!!! There’s an eraser sold from the brand to wipe off the lipstick off without any struggle. I was like, seriously? I have to buy that? Until I found a description on their site that you can remove it with few different types of oil (baby oil, coconut oil and etc). So, I got it off with coconut oil, thankfully.

I want to keep those lipsticks because they surely stays on your lips no matter what and that is how I like it! I went out to a drug mart and got an actual liquid make up remover. I wore Caramelo this day and it came off with ease, thank goodness.

If you are looking for a matte liquid lipstick that stays on your lips and does not budge at anything- get some from Sunna Claore Cosmetics! They have lot of beautiful shades! I will be ordering more when they confirm their cruelty free status.






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